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E-Z Way Auto Sales isn’t your ordinary buy-here, pay-here car dealership. For starters, we provide shoppers with some of the highest quality used cars in Hickory, NC. That means our pre-owned Hondas are top of the line and ready to fit nearly any individual or family. We make sure of that by carefully handpicking each one, focusing on exceeding customer used-car buying expectations. Our team also is committed to supplying the best financing options for all customers, whether they are looking to get approved through EZ-Way or prefer using a bank/credit union. And our exclusive Fast Lane shopping process is especially quick, easy, and hassle-free.


Hondas are known for their quality and resilience around the world, making them an excellent choice when looking at used cars for sale in Hickory and surrounding areas. The key benefit is that buying pre-owned Hondas lets you enjoy a significant price difference compared to their new counterparts. Depreciation is a big reason for this, as brand-new vehicles can depreciate by 20% in their first year. This is followed by a potential 60% depreciation over five years.

This means you can secure a much more budget-friendly Honda through E-Z Way than buying off a new-car lot — with the same reputation for stellar quality. Further, insurance and other additional costs are largely lower on a used vehicle, meaning even more savings.

In addition, E-Z Way Auto Sales is so confident in its rigorous selection process that we offer warranties on every vehicle we sell. You can gain extra confidence, too, with a used-vehicle history report that shows important information about a vehicle’s condition, past owners, previous service records, and more. A further advantage: Down payments start at $500 on all our pre-owned vehicles.

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Pre-owned Hondas are still some of the most innovative vehicles out there — not outdated rides that force you to sacrifice features for a low cost. Indeed, E-Z Way Auto Sales has some of the most well-equipped used Hondas for sale in Hickory, NC, complete with top-of-the-line connectivity, impressive audio, and safety features to suit nearly any Honda shopper.

  • Our customers expect vehicles that will last and provide luxury — and that’s what E-Z Way Auto Sales strives to deliver. (Note: Exact features vary by model and year.)
  • The Honda brand is known for its high-line safety features, including adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, traffic-sign recognition, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance, and more.
  • If vehicle information is top of mind, head-up displays and large touchscreens can put that data where it’s easy to see.
  • Connectivity and infotainment are crucial for a lot of drivers today, and the used Hondas for sale in Hickory, NC, can provide features like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, WiFi compatibility, wireless charging, full-color navigation.
  • Honda has some great options for families, with technology created to make parents’ lives as easy as possible. These range from rear-seat media systems and an integrated vacuum to an in-cabin video monitor.
  • A variety of energy-efficient used vehicles are available from Honda, some featuring dual-motor hybrid systems.


E-Z Way Auto Sales aims to find the pre-owned Hondas that Hickory residents are looking for. The dealership’s buyers keep the most popular Honda models throughout the area in mind when selecting Hondas for our lot. Here are a few of our favorite models that we try to keep in stock. Of course, if you don’t find something that fits your desires for a vehicle, we will be happy to source the perfect pre-owned Honda for you.

  • Honda has a full lineup of SUVs to suit almost any needs, like the Honda HR-V, CR-V, Passport, and Pilot. These vehicles can help you take on your world with bold designs, versatile capability, and impressive efficiency. In fact, the CR-V is also available with a hybrid powertrain.
  • If you are looking for a modern-day workhorse, the Honda Ridgeline is a truck you must see for yourself, with highlights like a lockable in-bed trunk, a dual-action tailgate, and an audio speaker system built into the bed walls.
  • The Honda Civic is a well-known name that has come to represent quality and performance. The vehicle is available in a coupe, sedan, or hatchback body style, and for high-performance, look no further than the Si and Type R models.
  • A step larger than the Honda Civic is the Accord — the brand’s midsize model that’s available in coupe or sedan configurations. This model is available with a hybrid setup as well.
  • The Honda Insight dedicated hybrid and the Clarity family, with hybrid, EV, and fuel-cell powertrains can meet your needs when energy efficiency is top of mind.
  • The Honda Odyssey provides a leading minivan experience with the room, versatility, and family-friendly technology you’ll love.
  • Look to the Honda Fit if you are in the market for a small SUV alternative with a surprising amount of cabin and cargo space.


You can trace today’s Honda Motor Company to the Toyota brand. Think back to the 1940s, when Soichiro Honda sold the assets of his piston parts business to Toyota. He then used that money to found an engine-manufacturing company that would later be known as Honda. It began its services with the construction of motorcycles in 1949, a business it’s still well known for. Honda launched its first four-wheel vehicle with a mini-pickup in 1963.

When the brand really burst on the scene, it was via the 1972 Honda Civic that has been a best-seller ever since. Next came the Honda Accord, which improved the brand’s reputation even more and has sold more than 12 million units since it first went on sale in 1976. That year also commemorates the first year that Honda built cars in the United States. Now, Honda has made its mark on the U.S. and beyond, with excellence in sales, manufacturing, and pre-owned rides.

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