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Benefits of Buying a Used Car | E-Z Way Auto | Hickory, NC

Benefits of Buying Used | E-Z Way Auto | Hickory, NC

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

New cars are not all they’re cracked up to be—if you are a savvy buyer, you’re probably giving thought to a used car. With the improvements the automotive market has seen in the last several decades, used cars today boast high value, incredible safety, and innovative technology.

Looking for a reason to buy a used car at E-Z Way Auto Sales? Here are a few.


The Cost

Used cars are inherently more affordable than new cars, yet they still offer high value. Not only will you save on your down payment and negotiate a lower monthly payment, but you’ll also avoid the depreciation hit that new car buyers take immediately after driving the car off the lot.

Other Financial Savings

With a used car, your savings will extend beyond the initial purchase and monthly payments. For example, used cars are typically cheaper to insure, which means a lower monthly insurance premium. You will also avoid the new car sales tax and will pay a lower registration fee.

The Options

By buying a used a car, you are opening yourself up to a wide array of makes and models. If there is a feature you love on a car that is no longer offered, you can get that feature by buying used. Buying used also affords you the opportunity to purchase a car that might be out of your price range otherwise, like the top trim level of a vehicle that you would have had to purchase at the base level new, or even a luxury car that you have always loved but might not be able to afford brand new.

Vehicle History

You can confidently buy a used car by making use of vehicle history reports to know what a car has been through. We also always encourage drivers to take used cars to a trusted mechanic before purchasing, for added confidence.

Visit our dealership to see what models we currently have in our collection of used vehicles for sale.

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